In the Beginning

The creation account is a foundational piece of the Bible narrative and is inseparably woven into the entire account of the Bible record. In this session we will focus on why it matters rather than how it was done which is the same emphasis given by God in the Bible record. The Bible eloquently focuses on the principles God was instigating in the creation account so that we can respond to its importance and purpose making it one of the most personally exciting and rich pieces of the Bible jigsaw.

The Perfect Foundation

Whilst Cristiano Ronaldo and other celebrities may be the most followed people on social media, the most followed person of all time is the Lord Jesus Christ. We all follow others to some degree or another, and we all build our lives on certain assumptions and foundations – but where is the right place to start in looking for direction and purpose in life? Join us as we explore why following Jesus and building our lives on the firm foundation that he provides makes so much sense.

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

What a conflicted world we live in. Russia’s war on Ukraine has both shocked and, at the same time, not surprised bible scholars. What future threat does this transcontinental country have on the world? In this session, we will go back to the origins of Russia and, it might be surprising to know, its true beginnings go further back than we might initially think. By understanding Russia’s past, the Bible gives us many clues to understand its future and what this will mean to humanity.

A Perfect Future

What is the final destination for earth and mankind? To understand the final destination is critical to understanding God’s message to us. It’s a bit like putting the wrong address in the satnav… you’re now heading to the wrong place and every turn along the way could be wrong. This Bible talk will show you clearly what the future holds and where we will all end up if we trust in God now. The answer may surprise you…